Elsie Fisher made her Golden Globes debut on Sunday (January 6), and — as her Eighth Grade character Kayla Day might say — it was "gucci!"

The 15-year-old actress matched the carpet in a red velvet suit by Kenzo, complete with a red belt, red purse, and velvet lace-up booties. Sometimes monochrome is just the way to go, and it seems her Eighth Grade director Bo Burnham agreed — he got suited up in his own all-black ensemble.

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Fisher is enjoying a packed awards season thanks to her breakout role in Burnham's lauded feature directorial debut. She turned in one of the year's most honest performances as the anxiety-addled middle schooler Kayla, whose physical quirks and general awkwardness were all-too-familiar for anyone who struggled through middle school (i.e., probably all of us).

In real life, though, Fisher is proving herself a confident style queen, as red carpet appearances like this one prove. And with a coveted nomination under her belt — for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy — the night is hers to rule. So very gucci!