Marvel's Runaways are finally, well, on the run in Season 2, but don't worry: There's still time for this group of superpowered Los Angeles teens to awkwardly navigate typical adolescent things like first relationships. Such is the case with Gert and Chase, the show's lovable odd couple.

Despite hooking up at the school dance at the end of Season 1, Gert and Chase have yet to define their relationship, a conversation that actor Ariela Barer tells MTV News is on the horizon for this burgeoning TV 'ship. "They haven't yet learned how to be vulnerable with each other," Barer says. "They've tried it. It went OK last season, at best. So now they're figuring it out for real. They realize they both feel very seriously about one another."

The dynamic duo's incendiary, Hepburn and Tracy-like chemistry is on full display in our exclusive clip from the Season 2 premiere, which hits Hulu this Friday (December 21).

"I think that will do it," Chase says while covertly fiddling with a circuit board in the middle of L.A.'s Griffith Park. While it's unclear what the "it" refers to, Gert hits back with an astute quip: "I feel like there's a 50/50 chance we're going to get electrocuted when you flip that switch." (Whether she's right or not, well, we'll let you see for yourself.)

But it wouldn't be a Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage production if there weren't plenty of feelings involved. Barer described Gert and Chase's dynamic in Season 2 as a "push and pull," adding, "It's both of them learning to make an effort and be part of a relationship."

Time will tell if these kids can make it works while on the run from their supervillain parents, who most definitely want to kill them.