Soft jazz clings to the cool nighttime air like an evening breeze. A mysterious man in a pinstripe suit stands in a wide alleyway with an unlit cigarette in his mouth. After a few moments, a woman with frosty blonde hair turns the corner and slowly walks towards him. Her eyes are locked on the manilla folder in the man's hand that he gently flicks when she got close. He sighs, telling her she's late, and hands it to her. She opens it to find a picture of Swae Lee. "Your mission is to make a song with this chap," the man says, reaching for a lighter. When he looks back up, the woman's gone. The folder too.


Now, Madonna has intertwined her voice with Swae Lee's for a happy new record about innocent love called "Crave." On the track, the pair are obsessed partners who realize the power of their attraction and aren't afraid to test the waters. The track is set to appear on Madonna's forthcoming, spy-themed album espionage-themed album Madame X, set to drop on June 14. It's nearly impossible to listen to this without a smile sneaking to the corners of your face.