Lindsay Lohan has high expectations for her Lohan Beach House employees and needs them to be "the best of the best." But during tonight's series premiere of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, some of the actress' VIP hosts (a crop of the brightest U.S. nightlife industry representatives who traveled to Mykonos) well, um, weren't.

"After seeing them perform yesterday, I'm not convinced this team has what it takes to get my brand to the next level," Lindsay admitted at the conclusion of the episode about the guys and gals working at her "crown jewel of clubs." "But if there is one thing I know how to do, it's keep people on their toes."

Sounds like the limit does exist with this crew. While Brent was praised for making out with taking care of a "diva-ish" VIP client who spent a lot of loot, others were given some warnings about the need to step up. But who might be facing a premature termination courtesy of Lindsay? First up, Gabi -- and her bra.

"When you meet your boss, don't show up in a bra," Lindsay told the self-proclaimed "underdog," who was donning only the aforementioned undergarment during her initial moments with the entrepreneur. "It's not appropriate."

But Gabi insisted she only wanted to represent Lindsay in the best way possible and that this would be a "great experience."

And when it came time for Day 1 at the group's place of employment, May became a wee bit overwhelmed by her surroundings and the way her fellow colleagues (um, Sara) were speaking to her. May's release? Sobbing to Lindsay about the group's inability to really communicate.

"Don't engage too much with people -- just get sh*t done," Lindsay bluntly advised, while adding that May was a "bit emotional."

But Lindsay's business partner Panos wasn't as kind to the sensitive bartender.

"I don't want cry babies in my club. It's the worst thing ever," he said in a separate interview. "Lindsay has the heart to deal with this, but I don't. I'm heartless."

However, one ambassador did get a talking-to courtesy of Panos.

"You were the weakest link yesterday," he told Jonitta, while giving her an F rating. "You just partied."

Jonitta's take on the situation?

"I think you missed the part where I was encouraging everyone to post on their social media. [And] I was encouraging guys at the bar to buy shots," the HBIC declared to her manager and fellow coworkers, while adding that she was actually pouring the miniature servings of booze over her shoulder.

So what's next for Jonitta? Will she get out of the dog house, and will Brent stay in good graces? Which ambassador will be able to rise to the top, and who will be left in the ashes? Give us your views, then be sure to keep watching Lindsay Lohan: Paradise Boss every Tuesday at 10/9c!