"Love to see you shine in the night, like the diamond you are." So begins Khalid's smooth single "Better," as well as its accompanying video, which centers around the R&B crooner holding a late-night dance party in a vacant parking lot — while also casually dodging a multi-car collision.

Against a backdrop of downtown L.A., Khalid shows off some swaggering moves while a vintage BMW sails around him. As the song builds, the lot becomes overrun with a fleet of multi-colored cruisers, which whip around Khalid's every move at high speed, like so:

It's a nail-biter of a scene, but he somehow appears totally unfazed — maybe it has something to do with the girl he's singing about, who appears via haunting, hazy images. In any case, the fastness and furiousness definitely adds a flair of ~danger~ to an otherwise straightforward visual.

This has been a productive week for Khalid, who also appeared in the video for Shawn Mendes's empowering "Youth." The 20-year-old is fresh off the release of a 7-track EP, Suncity, which marks his first project since last year's debut album, American Teen. Upon its release, he said the EP is ushering in the "start of a new era," which is sounding mighty fine so far.