"I hope she releases a single that leads up to a big album, like she did with thank u, next. And I hope it stays empowering for women and stays honest. Her entire album was centered around herself and where she's going, and I love how honest she is. I never listen to a song and have to guess what it's about, I just know."

"I was just coming here for support. I've never seen a female pop artist before; this is my first one, because I'm more into heavy metal. So I actually listened to Ariana's entire album in the car to prepare myself, and I was bopping to everything. To keep up that flavor is really hard, especially for an artist today — like, we have Cardi B, we have Beyoncé. And even Beyoncé took a break and took a step back, and watch what she made. That's what Ariana's going to do."