"This ain't fair, where's everyone else's exes?"

Morgan posed that very fair question during tonight's Ex on the Beach episode as her tangled web got a bit more tangled. Here's what happened: The Big Brother: Over the Top player's former beau Corey made a surprise entrance after her otherex Jay arrived Day 2. But there was a twist with Corey: The fellow Big Brother alum was not an ex -- he was a single (kinda like EOTB OG Alicia).

Pivoting back to Corey. Why did his relationship with Morgan end?

"Morgan and I really liked each other, but one night we were just out with friends and she completely embarrassed me," he said.

But he didn't come to Malibu to win the power of Veto back his ex -- he wanted to "flirt with everyone."

Morgan wasn't exactly elated to see Corey (head tilt back featured below), but she did eventually give him a hug (no kiss though, despite his request). And Jay's take on "Abercrombie & Fitch"?

"What can I do?" the Survivor competitor asked his housemates while Morgan and Corey went to chat. "I can't control people."

However, Morgan was conflicted: She first told Jay that she wasn't feeling it with Corey, but then she had a different mindset during a solo interview.

"I just don't know what to do because Jay is a great guy, but Corey's here and I have feelings for him," she said.

And despite initially admitting he was there to "shake some things up," Corey admitted he wanted another try with Morgan.

"If [Jay] does slip up, I'll steal her right back," he said.

This trio has a long way to go, as the dating experiment just began. But who do you think is the better fit for Morgan: Jay or Corey? Explain your vote, then keep watching this love triangle every Thursday at 8/7c!